Granite Flooring in Ottawa – Choose Granite Tile for Your Next Flooring Project

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Granite Flooring in Ottawa

If you are looking into a new type of flooring for your home in Ottawa, chances are you have either seen or heard about the benefits of granite flooring. Granite is formed by igneous rock that is subjected to intense heat and pressure over thousands of years. The result is a natural stone that is second in hardness only to diamonds. This hardness rating makes granite tiles an excellent choice for flooring in both high and medium traffic areas of the home. Granite tiles offer excellent durability and load bearing in as little as 3/8ths of an inch thickness. Thicker tiles are also available for higher stress and more industrial uses as well.
Granite is one of the most popular and can be an expensive (depending on supply and demand) premium building material available, but it is an investment in the home. Unlike other materials, granite tiles will last a very long time and never go out of style. The appearance of polished or honed granite is universally appealing and can create a truly stunning look in any home. When potential homebuyers are looking at homes to purchase, granite flooring is a major selling point that adds further value to the home.  

Unique and Elegant Flooring

Each granite tile will inherently be unique with its own color and pattern. This may sound like a problem for homeowners who want to have complete control over the look of the floor, but these variations of color and pattern naturally go together to enhance character while improving the overall appearance of the floor.  The slight imperfections are, in essence, the beauty of natural stone.
The color variations that are available will allow homeowners to choose a granite tile that works to enhance any existing décor in the room it is being installed in. The durability of granite flooring tiles means that the elegance and style continue to be enjoyed much longer than inferior materials.  
Granite offers excellent resistance against both staining and water when it is properly sealed. These sealants are used to prevent liquids to be absorbed by the stone. The most common types of finish are polished, leathered or antiqued (both terms are used interchangeably) and honed. Polished granite provides a high gloss appearance but it can be more slippery in some cases. Honed granite has a matte finish with better traction. Leathered / antiqued granite has more of a natural texture.  Also, granite may also have a flamed or brushed finish to make it suitable for outdoor applications. Typically, the only maintenance required with granite tiles is to ensure they are properly sealed every couple of years.

Practical Benefits of Granite Flooring

In addition to providing long lasting beauty and style, granite tiles also offer many practical benefits. Finished granite is exceptionally easy to clean and does not require special cleaning agents. The finish on the granite keeps dirt and debris on the surface where it can often be easily swept away. This also means that stains won’t be able to set in, as long as they are well sealed and cleaned up within a reasonable amount of time.
Granite does not react to changes in humidity or temperature, which makes it an excellent choice for homes in Ottawa. When it comes to long-term investments for the home, granite flooring is unmatched in terms of elegance, durability, and lasting style. Speak to a natural stone distributor servicing Ottawa today.